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Aixun T3B 210 Smart Soldering Station With 1 Knife Bit.

Aixun T3B 210 Smart Soldering Station With 1 Knife Bit.

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Brand : Aixun

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JC AIXUN T3B Electric Soldering Iron Station With T115/T210 Series Soldering Handle Iron Tips Kit Set for SMD BGA Welding Repair


  • Aixun T3B Intelligent Soldering Station With T210 Handle Welding Tips (T210 Handle + 1 TIP) 1 tip High Quality with different shapes included,The world’s first 200W Full Intelligent soldering station.

The top 10 leading functions:

  • 1. Connect to Aixun platform for free software upgrade automatically, unlimited function upgrade.

  • 2. Adopt a 200W super power supply, only takes 4 seconds for the soldering iron to rise to 380 ℃.

  • 3. Intelligent recognition of welding target and environment, intelligent power compensation and automatic protection.

  • 4. 2.4-inch colour display, 100-480 ℃ temperature adjustable, with real-time dormancy.

  • 5. Support T210 handle, automatic identification of handle model and working state.

  • 6. Personal habit temperature self memory, three-channel temperature fast switching, knob adjustment.

  • 7. The host has a built-in environment temperature sensor to avoid high-temperature operation.

  • 8. Automatic record of working time, an automatic reminder of fatigue operation.

  • 9. Maximum support of 24 V-8A current output, with DC power supply and burning function.

  • 10. Ultra-strong anti-static isolation design, meet the industrial ESD standard.

Package includes :

  • 1x JC Aixun T3B Station

  • 1x Handpiece holder complete with tip cleaning sponge

  • 1x T210 handpiece

  • 1x Cartridge (integrated resistance) with a knife tip

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