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Falcon 530 Electronic Cleaner

Falcon 530 Electronic Cleaner

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Brand : Falcon

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Falcon 530 Electronic Cleaner


  • Evaporates quickly
  • Effectively removes stains
  • A wide range of applications
  • Environmentally safe
  • The rapid removal of oil, grease, dirt, remove stubborn stains and electrostatic etc.
  • Completely volatile, without leaving traces, the plastic, the metal surface no corrosion phenomenon
  • The safety performance, the deformation of the spray tank and the bursting pressure are higher than the national standard
  • Environmental protection products, in line with the EU RoHS environmental directives, through the quality management system and environmental management system certification



  • Before use, please do the bottom of the back of the tank body, so that the spray mist uniform
  • When spraying, press the nozzle, nozzle distance to the object about 30cm vertical injection, oil film thickness uniformity of mobile, completely covering the surface of the object


  • All canned products is flammable, storage temperature should be below 50 
  • When long-term storage, the carton should not exceed 8 boxes stacked high
  • Handling product should be gently, prohibited the use of throw, hit, and dangerous actions
  • Storage spaces should be ventilated, dry, cool, non-direct sunlight or exposed to outdoor
  • It is forbidden to strike and keep away from fire
  • Not upside down


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