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Relife RT-14SA Mobile Phone Repair Tweezers

Relife RT-14SA Mobile Phone Repair Tweezers

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Brand : Relife

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Relife RT-14SA Mobile Phone Repair Tweezers

Relife Mobile Phone Repair Tweezers RT-14A RT-14SA Anti-static High Toughness Precision Fine Tip Plus Anti-skid Chip Repair.

unique curved hook design for precision ship clamping and disassembly.

anti rust wear resistant precision steel

transparent full blister packaging


    * The tips are carefully polished, fine, super-sharp, and have good hardness.
    * Tweezers open tension, good elasticity, not easy to deform
    * Innovative details, unique curved nozzle design for precision chip clamping
    * When picking up the chip, bend the nozzle through the bottom of the chip, match the air gun, and soldering iron, and get started

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • These tweezers are particularly sharp and sharp, suitable for high-density integrated circuit components.
  • These tweezers are bent 45 degrees, suitable for removing parts in narrow places.
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